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Registration for the 2019-20 is well underway and Regular Registration ends on August 9th. Late Registration, including a $50 late fee, ends on August 16th.  

Note Beth Hempton's newest class: Beyond Essay Writing, a multi-faceted course for students desiring to continue growing in their writing skills. We're excited to welcome our newest teachers: Danielle Theobald, Sandra Girouard and Julie Wiseman. Scroll down to check out our featured classes and more. It's going to be a GREAT school year!

Real Teachers and Classmates

Live classroom engagement allows students to actively learn, make new friends and practice communication skills.

Live Classes

Students see, hear and can speak to their classmates and teachers. Graphics and white boards promote visual learning and interactive education.

Recorded Classes

Although designed for students who need more flexibility  with scheduling and class length, recorded classes are also accessible to LIVE class students.

Small Class Sizes

We feel that small classes work best in the virtual classroom. Most of our classes do not exceed 15 students. When possible, we create a second section once the first fills. 

Supports Various Learning Styles and Challenges

Students with learning challenges ,such as Aspergers or processing issues, tend to do well with us. We can adapt to student needs  and provide support.


Our teachers grade student work, which is assigned weekly. We also notify parents, as needed, when students aren't participating or completing assignments. 

More Homeschool Families Trust Us  Every Year! 

Each year, we grow by 25 – 70%, with most of our new families coming from recommendations by current homeschoolers, like you!

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Featured Classes

Click on the class for course overview, day/time and cost. Make sure to check out "See More" if you need other classes. 

How it Works

  1. Register for Your Children’s Classes

    Peruse our class options and choose those that best fit your family’s needs. Email us with specific questions.

  2. Watch your Email 

    Watch for important information and instructions. Our parent e-newsletters also keeps you updated.

  3. Enjoy the Learning Process

    Celebrate your child's accomplishments and growth as they learn and make new friends!

What Make Us Different?

Relatable Instructors

Our instructors, many of whom are or have been home school parents, understand the importance of relevant teaching that encourages strong character.

Focus on Relationships

At Seasons Learning, we enjoy becoming a part of your family’s homeschool team. We pray for, celebrate with and care about our students and their families.

Uniquely Designed Classes

Our classes reflect ideas and content as presented by our instructors rather than simply following "read and regurgitate" curriculum. May of our classes are designed by our instructors to specially meet the needs of our homeschooled middle school and high school students.

Support and Encouragement

We help our client parents train their children to be accountable, thus growing in character and academics. We also assist parents with necessary educational documentation, student references and support for struggling students.

Our Testimonials

We greatly appreciate the encouragement of our parents and students. 

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Seasons Calendar

Check out registration deadlines, holidays and more with our regularly updated calendar.