About Seasons Learning

Building  Relationships

We're not just a resource; we're about developing relevant relationships. With our live classes, students interact with classmates and teachers from around the world.

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Fearless Thinking

Beyond the textbook teaching inspires students to enjoy the learning process, apply critical thinking skills and communicate more effectively.

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Exponential Growth

Seasons Learning students discover more than the facts with teachers and classmates! Instructors do the teaching, not the curriculum.

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Building.  Relationships.

The relationships your children develop during the teen years greatly impact their worldview for a lifetime. Our mission centers on creating relationships with you and your child that promote Christ's two instructions for us: Love God and Love One Another. 

Fearless. Thinking.

Rather than "read and regurgitate" classes, our teachers create and teach classes that encourage our students to think. Our mission focuses beyond high school, challenging students to grow in how they view the world and solve problems. 

Exponential. Growth.

It's amazing to watch our students grow and learn each year. We're growing as a company, and we typically keep 95% of our students who continue to learn and grow with us!  We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your child's exponential educational growth.

Real Teachers and Classmates

Live classroom engagement allows students to actively learn, make new friends and practice communication skills.

Live Classes

Students see, hear and can speak to their classmates and teachers. Graphics and white boards promote visual learning and interactive education.

Recorded Classes

Although designed for students who need more flexibility  with scheduling and class length, recorded classes are also accessible to LIVE class students.

Small Class Sizes

We feel that small classes work best in the virtual classroom. Most of our classes do not exceed 15 students. When possible, we create a second section once the first fills. 

Supports Various Learning Styles and Challenges

Students with learning challenges ,such as Aspergers or processing issues, tend to do well with us. We can adapt to student needs  and provide support.


Our teachers grade student work, which is assigned weekly. We also notify parents, as needed, when students aren't participating or completing assignments. 

Our Testimonials

We greatly appreciate the encouragement of our parents and students. 

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