Beyond Essay Writing

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THURSDAY 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm ET

Prerequisite: High School Writing Methods

Designed by Beth Hempton, this course provides an opportunity for students who desire more depth of understanding in written expression. The class four quarterly focuses including:

-First quarter: MLA RESEARCH-based writing

-Second quarter: CREATIVE writing including poetry, song lyrics and short stories

-Third quarter: PERSONAL GROWTH writing such as blogging, journaling and resume construction

-Fourth quarter: students develop individual projects, with the assistant of the instructor, to delve more deeply into specific interests in writing. Students also work as a team to create an Literary e-zine over the year. 

Students are encouraged to grow in confidence and skills that benefit them beyond academics. Note that due to importance of class discussion and conferences with the instructor, this class is NOT available in a recorded version.

Weekly homework reinforces the concepts taught in class, and the instructor is available during live office hours and by email to assist students. Assignments are graded and students receive a mid-term report as well as a year-end course credit report. This class is available as an honors option. 

NOTE: Students must have access to Microsoft WORD as it's essential for detailed grading and commenting. Students may not substitute an online writing process app or PDFs. Students may use PAGES for Macs as long as documents can be saved as .docs. 

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Beth Hempton lives in South Carolina with her husband, Darrell, two puppies, two kittens and two goats. She homeschooled her son, John Paul, and her daughter, Ally, through high school. Beth’s love for writing and desire to teach continue even though her children are now adults. Beth enjoys living in the country, reading, writing and traveling. She’s been known to go zip-lining, white water rafting and hiking. Learning new skills entices her and Jesus’s love inspires her. Beth's new adventure involves a mission trip to Kenya in June, 2019, to minister to women and orphans.

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