live: $ 425

rec.: $ 375

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This Class is CLOSED for the 2019-20 School Year.

WEDNESDAY 1:30 - 2:45 pm ET

Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Students learn through a combination of discussions, cartoons, anecdotes, and vivid exercises that work together to develop an understanding of the concepts behind the formulas. A proof-based course, Jacobs' Geometry will help students see the main ideas and applications, put their new understanding into practice through doing the exercises, and finally understand why geometry works the way it does. Sixteen units cover: lines, angles, direct and indirect proofs, congruence, inequalities, parallel lines, quadrilaterals, transformations, area, similarity, triangles, circles, concurrence theorems, non-Euclidean geometries, and more.

Weekly practice reinforces the concepts taught in class and the teacher is available during live office hours and by email to assist students. Assignments are graded and students receive a mid-term report as well as a year-end course credit report. Students may take this class for Honors credit. The Honors option costs an additional $25 per class. Be sure to check Honors on the registration form.

  • Books / Textbooks
    • Harold Jacobs Geometry Student Text by Harold Jacobs
  • Other Materials
    • Geometry tools - protractor and compass
      Parent's Discretion
    • Scientific calculator - may be an app on a phone or computer
      Parent's Discretion

Pamela Bronson has been married 36 years and has three grown children whom she homeschooled. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading (sometimes in Ancient Greek), knitting, gardening, writing, cats, dogs, and traditional music. She and her husband often ride bikes together and sing in their church choir. Her favorite authors include JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

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