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We realize that virtual classes might seem mysterious to many parents, especially when you're just getting started. We know you just want your child to feel comfortable and succeed with our classes. We do too! If you can't find an answer you need in our FAQs below, email us and we'll be happy to help! 

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom. -Francis Bacon

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Books, Supplies, Etc

Questions about books and materials your child might need for Seasons Learning classes.

Should I purchase lab kits for my child's science class?

No. Do not purchase lab kits. Teachers will post lab lists which contain many items that you have at home. The idea is to avoid purchasing expensive science equipment that you may never use again.

Do I have to purchase books and materials?

Parents are responsible for purchasing books, supplies, lab materials, etc. We ask our instructors to keep costs to a minimum. As well, many of the individual books for our literature and history classes may be found at local libraries or purchased used at low prices. To find out what you need to purchase for a class, click on the "Curriculum" tab on the class overview page. For an option to buy the book, click on the "purchase" option next to each book or item.

Classes and Assignments

Answers to general questions about our classes and student assignments. For answers to specific class questions, please visit the class overview page or the teacher's page and post your question there. You may also email the teacher directly. Email addresses are found on the teacher overviews.

If my child is absent, can he or she make up the class?

If your child is absent, you need to email the instructor to excuse the absence. You do not need to give a reason, as we simply want to know that you are aware of your child's absence. Students may use recorded classes to catch up on missed classes. A one or more week grace period for submitting assignments is typically given for unexpected absences. Students who miss more than two classes per quarter may be subjected to a reduced participation grade, unless the absences are clearly health or emergency related.

Are your classes accredited?

Our Advanced Placement (AP) classes are accredited by College Board, which allows us to legally use the AP designation on those class names. Accreditation typically comes from an oversight organization and as we are not a school, we do not require that oversight. We are a homeschool resource offering individual classes. We have never had an issue with any college, university or scholarship organization accepting our class credits. Since we offer classes to homeschool families all over the country, and in some foreign countries, we abide as closely as possible by the laws and restrictions of those states and countries. None of them require accreditation for students to receive credit. As most homeschools aren't accredited, it would not typically benefit our clients if we were to do so.

Is my child required to complete the assignments associated with a class?

All students are expected to complete the assignments for a class, unless prior arrangements have been made to audit a class. Students who do not complete the assignments or students who audit a class do not receive course credit.

Can my child audit a class?

Occasionally, we allow students with disabilities to audit classes so they can attend to be exposed to the content and teaching, but they aren't required to complete assignments. Auditing a class isn't typical and must be approved by our Seasons Learning instructors. The student will not receive any actual credit for auditing the class. The cost of a audited class is the same as a regular class.

How do I know when Seasons Learning holidays, breaks, etc. occur?

The Seasons Learning Google calendar is located at the bottom of our website homepage. This calendar allows us to complete live updates so you see the most current information.

How will I know if a class is cancelled?

The class will be marked "cancelled" on the class portal schedule and the student will receive an email from the teacher explaining how the class will be made up.

How many weeks make up a class?

LIVE yearly classes run for 32 weeks, not including holidays and breaks. LIVE semester classes run for 16 weeks, with two semesters offered each year. Note that different classes are offered each semester. RECORDED classes allow students to take up until one week prior to the next school year to complete the class. Summer INTENSIVE classes meet for 8 or 10 weeks, depending on the class.

How often do classes meet and for how long each time?

Most classes meet once a week, with high school classes meeting for 1 hour, 15 minutes and middle school classes meeting for 1 hour. Summer INTENSIVES meet twice a week for 1 hour, 30 minutes each time. High School lab sciences typically meet an extra time at least once a month for 30 minutes - 1 hour to perform labs.

How will my child know which assignments to do for homework each week?

Each teacher posts a weekly homework assignment sheet, plus any other necessary documents, that students download from the Resource Library.

Do you offer honors classes?

We don't offer classes specifically designated as honors. However, we offer an honors option with most of our high school classes for individual students. The instructor determines whether a class may be taken as options and what is required for a student to earn honors credit. If a student opts for honors, the cost of the class is $25 more due to the additional time the teacher spends on the student's assignments and in conferencing. Honors students complete additional assignments each semester that reflect higher level thinking. Students work individually with teachers to plan their projects. They're also required to complete class presentations sharing their knowledge with their classmates. Finally, honors students are expected to share their assignments with their classmates to help inspire and encourage.

If my child doesn't complete all of the assignments, can he or she still receive a grade?

Students who don't complete the assignments for a class receive an "Incomplete" and do not have the opportunity to make up classwork after the two week grace period (with up to 20 points deducted). An "Incomplete" equals no credit for a high school student. Under serious extenuating circumstances (death of a family member, documented illness, etc.), a teacher may provide a window of time for a student to complete a class beyond the ending date. However, this is a rare occurrence.

Other than price, what is the difference between LIVE and RECORDED classes?

LIVE classes prove to be the most beneficial for students as they actively participate in the class, interacting directly with the instructor and other students. As well, students in LIVE classes have access to teachers during live office times. They can even set up an appointment to meet with a teacher, if needed. LIVE class students also have access to RECORDED classes for review, clarification and studying. Students in LIVE courses must complete the class within the designated time period. Students in RECORDED classes watch the recordings and may take until one week prior to the next school year to complete the class. Note that RECORDED classes do not include streaming cameras. However, students can see the classroom including text chat, white boards and other images uploaded by the teacher. Students in RECORDED classes may contact the teacher via email only. Both class types include grading by the teacher.

If a teacher cancels a class, will there be a make up class?

Teachers either record or set a date for a LIVE make-up class. If a student can't meet during the make-up class date, he or she may watch the recorded version.

Are there a minimum number of students required for a class? What happens if the minimum number isn't met?

Teachers determine the minimum number of students they're willing to teach in each class. If the minimum number isn't met for a yearlong course by July 1st, we notify registrants and stop offering that class for the year. For second semester courses, this deadline is typically December 3rd. Appropriate deposits and fees are refunded if a class is cancelled due to lack of interest.

If a class fills up, will you open a second section?

We may open a second section if a class fills. However, we let teachers determine whether they feel comfortable offering multiple sections of a class. We advise registering early to avoid missing a class opportunity.

If my child takes a LIVE class, will he or she have access to the RECORDED version of the class or do I have to purchase both?

Students who register for LIVE classes have access to the RECORDED versions of those classes to help with review and study.

Where do I find information about the days and times that classes meet?

Days and times for classes are noted on the individual class pages. Also, you can see all the class times in one spot on the Seasons Learning class schedule.  As well, the class schedules are updated live so that you're sure to be seeing the most current version. Make sure to move the schedule forward to see classes for the coming year.

How do science labs work with your online classes?

For high school science labs, the students meet at an additional time about once a month. The teacher plans the lab time after discussing options with students. The labs are recorded so that if a student misses the class, he or she can watch the recorded version. Depending on the state laws for the student, a lab may be participatory or observed. The teacher will take the students through the labs step by step, and students may work along with the teacher or simply observe. All students are required to complete lab reports or other lab related assignments. Course credit forms indicate whether a student observed or participated in lab.

Once we purchase RECORDED classes, when can we start them?

RECORDED classes may be utilized starting one week after the regular school year begins. Students may work along with the LIVE class schedule or more slowly, but they may not work ahead of the LIVE classes. Classes purchased after the school year begins may be utilized any time as long as they are completed by one week prior to the next school year.

If my child is struggling, can we switch from LIVE to RECORDED classes mid-year?

Although we don't encourage it, we do allow students who may need a slower pace to switch to RECORDED classes during the year. However, the teacher and the parent MUST BE in agreement about this change, and once you switch, you can't return to LIVE classes. As well, you will be required to pay for the LIVE class that you originally purchased.

What if we withdraw after the first week or so of class? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. By the first day of class, we've established payment for our teachers based on class size. You can see our cancellation policy on the Prices page of our website.

If I pull my child out after one semester of a full year class, will you give him or her partial credit?

No. Full year courses are designed for students to complete over a school year's time. We do not give partial credit. As well, you will be financially responsible for the full year course even if you pull your child out before the course has been completed.


These FAQs address areas of pricing, discounts, fees and payment options.

Will I lose my deposit if I cancel my registration?

Please see our full cancellation policy at the bottom of the Pricing page on our website.

How much do classes cost?

Classes vary in price based on session length, level and subject matter. You can find the price for each class, LIVE and RECORDED, on the individual class pages. If NA is noted as the price for RECORDED, that means the class is not available as a recorded class. Honors classes cost $25 more than college prep classes due to the extra workload on the teacher. For information about discounts and fees, check out the Pricing page on our website. 

Are there any discounts available?

There are multiple ways to lower your class costs: multi-class discounts, referral credits, teacher discounts and our biggest offer of the year, 10% off of all classes purchased from March 4 - April 5. See our pricing page for more details.

Are there any fees other than the cost of the classes?

Every student is required to pay an annual $25 technology fee. If a student pays the fee due to taking a Summer INTENSIVE class, he or she is not required to pay the fee again for the new school year. If you opt to use our monthly payment plan option, there is a $25 annual convenience fee per family.

Can the multi-class discount apply to more than one child?

Yes. Multi-class discount applies to classes, not children. However, the classes must be taken by siblings. For more information, visit our pricing page.

Is the registration deposit a fee?

No. The registration deposit of $50 per class simply holds your child's spot in a particular class. The deposit is applied to your tuition payment. If you pay in full when you register, there isn't any sort of deposit.

What is the multi-class discount?

For every LIVE full year or every two LIVE semester classes you purchase, you get $25 off the next class. For every RECORDED full year or ever two RECORDED semester classes you purchase, you receive $10 off the next class. Summer INTENSIVE classes do not count toward this discount.


Responses to FAQs about Seasons Learning Services other than our virtual classes.

What is offered with the Evaluation and Grading service?

All of our classes include grading, but we also evaluate and grade other assignments for a fee. For an hourly rate (billed in 15 minute increments) of $28, we will evaluate or grade your child's assignments. Most parents use this service for writing assignments, lab reports and other work that does not have a key or may be more subjective in nature.

I am nervous about planning for my child's high school courses. Is there anyone at CBB+ who can help me with planning?

Yes! We offer counseling for parents on how to plan out their children's high school education. The parent requests a planning form by emailing us and once completed, makes an appointment for a phone consultation. We walk parents through required classes, electives based on student interests, future goals and more. The planning rate is $28 per hour, and most parents are able to get a plan mapped out within the hour.

Do you offer tutoring outside of the regular classes?

Students and Teachers

Frequently asked questions about student requirements and needs, along with communication with instructors.

How strictly do you follow grade levels for your classes?

Grade levels are less significant than student ability and experience. However, students under 6th grade and those applying to AP classes typically need to be evaluated by the instructor. We rarely accept students under 6th grade.

If I want to meet with a teacher, how would I do that? Can I ask questions during class?

Parents should not interrupt class with questions. Parents of students in LIVE classes may email to meet a teacher in an online office or with questions. Parents of students in RECORDED classes may email a teacher with questions.

How can my child receive help if he doesn't understand an assignment or lesson?

Students in LIVE classes may visit the teacher during designated office hours or email the teacher at any time. Students in RECORDED classes may email instructors. A contact form is available on each teacher's bio page on our website, and teachers include their email contact information on syllabi for registered students.

Do you work with special needs students?

We have successfully taught students with physical disabilities, emotional challenges, dysgraphia, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and Asperger's Syndome. Online classes often mask disabilities that may cause social stigmas in a classroom or co-op situation. We ask that parents inform us of any special needs prior to class starting and create an open dialogue with teachers about any adaptations that may need to be made.

If my child is struggling, will the teacher contact me?

Typically, if a child misses an assignment, we offer a week longer for completion with a deduction of 10 points. If an assignment is not submitted after another week, 20 points are deducted and an email is sent to parents. If such behavior becomes chronic, parents are notified by the teacher a final time, but discontinue weekly notifications. Parents may email teachers to help work through issues, as well.

Technology and Virtual Classrooms

Check out these FAQs to better understand the technology required to utilize our LIVE and RECORDED virtual classes. You also discover answers to questions about the virtual classrooms.

What equipment does my child need to take LIVE classes?

Each student is required to have a camera, mic and speakers. Most laptops come with those options, while desktops may require external equipment. A headset with a mic works best to avoid distractions.

Can my child hear, see and talk with teachers and classmates in the virtual classroom?

Absolutely! The virtual classroom provides audio, visual, and text chat support as long as students have the required equipment.

Can my child take a LIVE class using a phone or tablet?

If a student has an emergency need or is traveling, the occasional use of a phone or tablet can work. However, with phones and IPads, students don't typically have access to their documents and they don't have the required camera for class.

Who should my child contact if he or she has difficulty viewing RECORDED classes?

For assistance with RECORDED classes, please email learning@seasonstogrow.com .

What will the student see and hear with RECORDED classes?

Students can see any material written on the whiteboard or uploaded by teachers and students. They can see the text chat and hear all conversation. At this time, only select classes such as science labs and American Sign Language, allow students to see teacher and/or student cameras during recordings. We are researching to possibly change that for the coming school year.

What equipment does my child need to watch RECORDED classes?

Students need to watch and hear the class recordings. Speakers or a headset, with a computer or tablet work fine. Please be aware that the quality of your internet access may affect the quality of the recordings.

What software or apps will my child need to complete and submit assignments?

For most classes, students need Microsoft WORD to complete assignments. In some classes, teachers allow students to save homework as PDFs. It is up to the discretion of the teacher, and a parent may email the instructor to discover the preferred software or app. Some classes also utilize PowerPoint, which is a valuable tool for any student.

What are the technical requirements for using the LIVE classroom?

You can find the technical requirements for attending and participating in LIVE classes here: http://www.support.e-lecta.com/Knowledgebase/Article/50002 However, note that our company policy does not support the regular use of phones or tablets. Students need to use a laptop or desktop.

Will my child receive any sort of technical training prior to classes starting?

Students are required to watch training videos before beginning classes. Students in LIVE classes also have the opportunity of attending practice sessions before classes begin each semester.